Hello and welcome to the Poker Network, this site is committed to all things Poker. Poker is not just a card game, it can be a game to have fun with your friends, or it could be a game of high stakes and strategies. Whatever the reason for you to play poker, you should just enjoy it.

Poker is a communal game, so it has to be played with other people. And thanks to technology advancing so quickly, we can just log on to our computers and start a computer program, then within minutes we could be playing poker with people from all over the world. Whether they are just on the other side of the Atlantic or a few streets away, you all are there for 2 things, 1. To enjoy yourself and 2. To win some money.


PKR is one of the best online poker rooms available on the internet these days. The graphics engine is the most in-depth, intense used for any poker software. Every hand throws you in head first and will leave you gasping for breath at the end of each play. Not only is the game play immense – the player also has the confidence of knowing they are playing at a well trusted and established online casino. Play here and you won’t be disappoint with any aspect!
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In the online poker rooms a low-limit table can offer some affordable casual entertainment, but high-stakes and no-limit games are also available So whatever you are after you will be able to find in an online poker room. And on top of all this The British Government passed the “Gambling Bill” not long ago, which created a commission to monitor the U.K. domestic online gaming industry, rather than attempting to ban it completely. The agency will regulate the advertising of gambling sites to U.K. consumers, as well as prosecute those who operate fraudulent games.

So with all this out of the way all you need now is to visit our recommended online poker rooms page and download a poker room of your choice and start playing. Poker is a game of skill – bluffing and knowing when to push all in takes time to master. If you are new to poker, expecting to be an instant legend will only lead to failure. Remember to only play or gamble with money you have spare, if you ever sink into dept or have to use credit to gamble seek help immediately. Gambling should be seen as a hobbie not as a way to solve money problems.